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I had to spend $300 on a new car key because I left them in an Uber and the driver refuses to return them for some reason. I’m going back to Lyft. It’s more expensive in the moment, but the $3 more I would’ve spent on a Lyft was $296 less than what I ended up spending on the uber that still won’t return my property.

So they holding your keys hostage? What kind of shit is that

You should be able to contact uber directly not just the driver…but the driver shouldn’t just be holding your stuff…

That’s super fucked up

@blvckgeezus essentially, yes

@christinaleannaruth I reached out to uber. They know he has my keys but there apparently isn’t anything they can do about him refusing to return them 🤷🏾‍♀️

Is the Uber driver giving an explanation for why he won’t return them?

When I called him, he yelled at me that he was driving and hung up right after. Uber told me to give it 24 hours to see if he reaches back out.

@momo-mania I reached back out to uber because the driver is ignoring my calls. They sent him a message. Guess I have to wait another 24 hours.

Update: I just need to give it another 24 hours.

And Uber doesn’t have a fucking call line, so I guess he gets to keep my motherfucking keys

What kinda fuckery is this?

This may be a stupid question but; have you considered contacting the police? Refusing to return your property is as good as theft, surely?

Nopes. Police only recover keys if its an industrial building. I called non emergency today and they said it would be useless to file a police report. I’ve exhausted every measure. Social media, uber support, the police, all of it. And none of it worked. 😭😭😭

dude won’t even mail them?

UPDATE 3/16/18

Uber blocked my access to the “help” and “previous trips” tabs in the app. I can no longer reach out to them through the app and - if I hadn’t already screenshotted his info - I’d have no access to my uber drivers name and license plate.

PLEASE switch over to Lyft guys. Uber has made it ridiculously clear that they do not care about the safety and well-being of their riders

An Uber driver stole my phone. I got in contact with him a day or two after it happened and he just said “you can get it but only if you come by yourself”. I tried contacting Uber again and again and even reported him…but the nigga still has my old phone. It’s cool though, karma will get him.

I went in to try and report him and uber had blocked me soooooo 🤷🏾‍♀️ I guess they rock w him. I’ve tried to explain that this man has access to my house and car so many times and I guess they were like “we sure are tired of this bitch…… blocked”

Aw hell nah! that’s some bullshit. I would call Al Sharpton, Help Me Howard, Iyanla Fix My Life, TMZ, shit someone to make this publicly known 🤷🏿‍♀️

I had an uber driver openly solicited me for sex, after I made a clear refusal. So yeah uber drivers are usually trash

I dmed the CEO. Wish me luck on a reply y’all.

Oh hey, my keys are being dropped off at a hub. And all I had to do was reach out for a week straight, contact uber support via social media, have several friends blast them across all of social media, file complaints with the BBB and the AG, dm the CEO, and call their critical emergency number. Thanks for your impeccable customer support, Uber. I will never use your shit service again.

This post blew up over the last week with questions and several horrifying stories of Ubers y’all have taken, so I wanted to update just in case I hadn’t.

Couple things: One, yes, I did get my keys back. After about two weeks of messaging back and forth, trying to find new avenues to reach Uber’s support and having plates ran, i got my keys. The car key doesn’t start my car anymore, just grinds the engine, so I’m inclined to believe sometime during my separation from them, they were deactivated or something. I know that I SHOULD change the locks. But I don’t have another $300 to go to a locksmith to do that.

Two, y’all have posted some downright horrifying stories and it really made me think about how hard I had to search to get an actual phone number. But y’all listen: Uber has a secret phone number. Its a “critical emergency” line and they definitely hung up on me when I called it, but I had a location for my keys about 30 minutes after.

I tussled with sharing it, because it’s supposed to be the 911 of Uber, but then, after reading all the stories and realizing y’all have been in perilous situations and that the drivers that put you in them are still earning money by putting people in danger, I realized Uber doesn’t give a shit. If it’s supposed to be Ubers 911, everyone should know it. I can’t guarantee if you’ve lost something this will work, but if your driver is/was erratic, or threatened you, or harmed you, their number is 800-353-UBER. It’s 24 hours. They may or may not hang up on you. But it’s what I did, and - I know just not uber/lyfting isn’t an option for most of us - I’d suggest it for y’all too.





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