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May 22 2018


me: i’ve been awake for 36 hours please let me sleep

my brain: mr sandman, man me a sand. make it the cutest man car door hook hand




if catholicism/christianity is fake… mary really was in that for the long haul. she pulled the longest con in existence & even got her kid in on it

mary’s friend gabriel who knocked her up: you told joseph i was a what now?

mary, taking a sip of her coffee: an angel, gabe. try to keep up.

joseph: what the hell, you’re pregnant?

mary, about to invent christianity: oh? you haven’t heard?


andy samberg is married to a harpist and john mulaney is married to a. victorian lampshade maker. the world is so large and strange 

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idk what’s funnier, pets with stereotypical human names like bryan and mckayla or pets with completely ridiculous names like hamburger and concrete

counterpoint- both, one of each. “these are my cats, switchboard and gary.”

That side of depression



Why do people never talk about the part of depression when you just don’t want anything anymore? Everybody talks about when it hurts like hell, when you cry, when you cut, when you take drugs, when you break down. But no one ever talks about when you just lay down in your room, with a hole inside of you that you don’t know how to fill, and you don’t want to do anything even the things you usually like. So you just spend your day kinda waiting for it to end. And it’s horrible because you feel empty and guilty for that at the same time. 

There needs to be more awareness of this kind of depressed state. It’s often the kind that is mistaken for laziness. I call it “A” depression, and I know it personally. The symptoms are apathy and anhedonia:
Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern and anhedonia ( the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable).



i deserve unrestricted access to old churches and castles i want to know all the secrets

i work in a castle and have unrestricted access and let me tell you sometimes knowing all the secrets……is worse

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The notes on this!!


“Can i pick u up on thursday?” AWWWWWWW

lol he just wanted to buy her some superman pjs that werent on sale??! ~

can they see this right now??



i just have this persistent feeling of “i’m not doing enough” combined with “i don’t have the energy to do anything” and it just really fucking sucks

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Reblog every time it hits my Dash


anyway, since the average life expectancy is close to a three digit number now, can we stop forcing adolescents to decide their life long field of study at the tender age of 17 or so

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the straights are at it again

Reblog if you are a greedy gay hoarding refracted light all for your greedy gay self

I totally am, but also: I have a story. The time: 1995. The place: a small liberal arts college. We decided to participate in “denim day” which was a widespread event wherein on National Coming Out Day, you would wear denim to indicate SUPPORT FOR the LGBT community. Our support group made posters that were very, very clear about this. Wearing denim did not mean that you were coming out, it meant you supported anyone around you who might.

I have never seen so many suits and khakis IN MY LIFE. People who accidentally wore jeans went home and changed.

The community took it as a rebuke. We drew in closer to eachother, and felt unwelcome everywhere we thought we had friends before.

And I had people later tell me “You know I support you, just… I didn’t want anyone to think I was.” First off, I DON’T know you support me. Not if you refuse to, for one day, change nothing about your life to show it. Second off… why is that such a terrifying thought to you?

I remember before rainbows were a “gay thing”. They were everywhere. Church walls next to arks. School walls next to sunshine faces. People have VOLUNTARILY abandoned every other use. I have HEARD PEOPLE SAY they just couldn’t use rainbows anymore because people would think of “gay stuff.”

So I know this is a joke, and a stolen one at that, but you’ve done this to yourselves. If someone is so terrified of being perceived as queer that they will INSTANTLY abandon something they like if it has queer germs on it now or something, then they don’t deserve refracted light.

Maybe help us change the world into a place where being mistaken for queer would be just a thing to chuckle about and you can have refracted light back.

The LGBTQ+ community didn’t steal the rainbow. The straights abandoned it.

I think it’s also incredibly indicative that so many straight people don’t identify themselves as “straight”, they identify themselves as “not gay”.

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captain america coming out of the ice like


tumblr post: reblog if you’re not homophobic!!!!1!

me, a gay who is tired of seeing this shit on my dash:


gay people don’t owe it to anyone to be out, even if they’re famous ……………… it’s an intensely personal choice and they don’t owe you that information or that “““representation””” like they’re real people with real consequences for themselves and their relationships and their careers …….. this holds even if they’re making ambiguously gay art

on calls to boycott the Bohemian Rhapsody movie


Based on a 90-second teaser trailer and a few assumptions, the calls have gone out that we should boycott Bohemian Rhapsody for queer erasure.

“The trailer doesn’t show any gay content, only het stuff!”
There’s a split-second shot of Freddie hugging his girlfriend at one point. There’s also multiple shots of him obviously flirting with guys. The contention that the trailer is queer erasure is mostly coming from cis gay (white) men mad that the movie seems to be depicting Freddie Mercury as bisexual and capable of loving women at all, but given how significant his relationship with Mary Austin was to his life, it would be a disservice to everyone to exclude it.

Also, the cast list includes several male characters listed as “Freddie’s Lover,” as well as Jim Hutton, his partner in his final years.

“They’ve said the movie is going to ignore the AIDS crisis!”
No. What’s been said is that the movie ends in 1985. Once this information was released, people immediately jumped to assume that because the movie wasn’t going to chronicle Freddie’s illness and death in detail, it was avoiding the subject entirely. But the AIDS crisis was in full swing in ‘85, and Freddie of all people was extremely aware of it. The description of the trailer (the first teaser trailer!) even alludes to it.

It’s a fair point that they haven’t mentioned AIDS by name yet, but also, the only materials they’ve released so far are some promo images and one teaser trailer.

In this context, for people wondering why the creative team or the remaining band members don’t come out to “put the matter to rest” by assuring us the film deals with AIDS, it might help to remember that the media has in the past been extremely tawdry and exploitative in its treatment of Freddie Mercury’s illness and death (have you not seen all the “HIS TRAGIC AIDS STORY!!!” videos floating around Youtube? Not read the biographies that linger in lurid, dubiously sympathetic detail?). It makes sense to me that if Brian May and Roger Taylor have a heavy hand in the making of the film (which they seem to), they’d ask for a more subtle approach.

Also, again: we have six months till the movie comes out and only one teaser trailer at this point. Be concerned if you feel the need, but it’s a little early to call for a boycott.

Do not tell people to shun queer content because you have decided, six months in advance with very little information, that it won’t be up to your standards when it comes out.


not to be really nsfw but man, i could use a good cuddle, soft kisses, my hair played with and someone to fall asleep on.

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So I got blood drawn today, and left a note for myself last night to remember to fast.

It was much more confusing at 5AM than it was the night before.

….as a person who works in a medical lab, my initial reaction to that sign was ‘This coffee pot is for use with blood only’ 

We have refrigerators that literally have signs on them that says ‘NO FOOD - BLOOD’ and ‘NO FOOD - SPECIMENS ONLY’ on them. 

vampire and human roommates AU

not coffee but blood

I read it as “you have to give the coffee pot blood in order to use it”






















I had to spend $300 on a new car key because I left them in an Uber and the driver refuses to return them for some reason. I’m going back to Lyft. It’s more expensive in the moment, but the $3 more I would’ve spent on a Lyft was $296 less than what I ended up spending on the uber that still won’t return my property.

So they holding your keys hostage? What kind of shit is that

You should be able to contact uber directly not just the driver…but the driver shouldn’t just be holding your stuff…

That’s super fucked up

@blvckgeezus essentially, yes

@christinaleannaruth I reached out to uber. They know he has my keys but there apparently isn’t anything they can do about him refusing to return them 🤷🏾‍♀️

Is the Uber driver giving an explanation for why he won’t return them?

When I called him, he yelled at me that he was driving and hung up right after. Uber told me to give it 24 hours to see if he reaches back out.

@momo-mania I reached back out to uber because the driver is ignoring my calls. They sent him a message. Guess I have to wait another 24 hours.

Update: I just need to give it another 24 hours.

And Uber doesn’t have a fucking call line, so I guess he gets to keep my motherfucking keys

What kinda fuckery is this?

This may be a stupid question but; have you considered contacting the police? Refusing to return your property is as good as theft, surely?

Nopes. Police only recover keys if its an industrial building. I called non emergency today and they said it would be useless to file a police report. I’ve exhausted every measure. Social media, uber support, the police, all of it. And none of it worked. 😭😭😭

dude won’t even mail them?

UPDATE 3/16/18

Uber blocked my access to the “help” and “previous trips” tabs in the app. I can no longer reach out to them through the app and - if I hadn’t already screenshotted his info - I’d have no access to my uber drivers name and license plate.

PLEASE switch over to Lyft guys. Uber has made it ridiculously clear that they do not care about the safety and well-being of their riders

An Uber driver stole my phone. I got in contact with him a day or two after it happened and he just said “you can get it but only if you come by yourself”. I tried contacting Uber again and again and even reported him…but the nigga still has my old phone. It’s cool though, karma will get him.

I went in to try and report him and uber had blocked me soooooo 🤷🏾‍♀️ I guess they rock w him. I’ve tried to explain that this man has access to my house and car so many times and I guess they were like “we sure are tired of this bitch…… blocked”

Aw hell nah! that’s some bullshit. I would call Al Sharpton, Help Me Howard, Iyanla Fix My Life, TMZ, shit someone to make this publicly known 🤷🏿‍♀️

I had an uber driver openly solicited me for sex, after I made a clear refusal. So yeah uber drivers are usually trash

I dmed the CEO. Wish me luck on a reply y’all.

Oh hey, my keys are being dropped off at a hub. And all I had to do was reach out for a week straight, contact uber support via social media, have several friends blast them across all of social media, file complaints with the BBB and the AG, dm the CEO, and call their critical emergency number. Thanks for your impeccable customer support, Uber. I will never use your shit service again.

This post blew up over the last week with questions and several horrifying stories of Ubers y’all have taken, so I wanted to update just in case I hadn’t.

Couple things: One, yes, I did get my keys back. After about two weeks of messaging back and forth, trying to find new avenues to reach Uber’s support and having plates ran, i got my keys. The car key doesn’t start my car anymore, just grinds the engine, so I’m inclined to believe sometime during my separation from them, they were deactivated or something. I know that I SHOULD change the locks. But I don’t have another $300 to go to a locksmith to do that.

Two, y’all have posted some downright horrifying stories and it really made me think about how hard I had to search to get an actual phone number. But y’all listen: Uber has a secret phone number. Its a “critical emergency” line and they definitely hung up on me when I called it, but I had a location for my keys about 30 minutes after.

I tussled with sharing it, because it’s supposed to be the 911 of Uber, but then, after reading all the stories and realizing y’all have been in perilous situations and that the drivers that put you in them are still earning money by putting people in danger, I realized Uber doesn’t give a shit. If it’s supposed to be Ubers 911, everyone should know it. I can’t guarantee if you’ve lost something this will work, but if your driver is/was erratic, or threatened you, or harmed you, their number is 800-353-UBER. It’s 24 hours. They may or may not hang up on you. But it’s what I did, and - I know just not uber/lyfting isn’t an option for most of us - I’d suggest it for y’all too.





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